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Malicious campaign active on Play Store, Bitdefender Detects

Bitdefender, a cybersecurity technology company, has released research about a new Google Play campaign that bypasses the storefront’s security checks to deliver potentially malicious content and ads.

For the past few years, cyber-criminals have strengthened their efforts to have malicious applications listed on Google Play Store – the world’s most trafficked Android app source.

“While the platform’s security checks have improved through the years, our research still uncovers malicious apps that use a vast array of tricks to bypass these checks,” the company said.

Bitdefender has identified 35 applications that have snuck into the Play Store, totaling over two million downloads.
These apps hide their presence on the device by changing their name and icons to spread potentially harmful content and advertisements.
A single app that Bitdefender discovered in this campaign had 100,000 downloads, with the others having tens of thousands.

Bitdefender’s research also concludes that the campaign is likely the work of the same developer or threat actor.

Beware! Here’s a list of applications identified as harmful:

Walls light – Wallpapers PackBig Emoji – KeyboardGrad Wallpapers – 3D BackdropsEngine Wallpapers – Live & 3DStock Wallpapers – 4K & HDEffectMania – Photo EditorArt Filter – Deep PhotoeffectFast Emoji KeyboardCreate Sticker for WhatsappMath Solver – Camera HelperPhotopix Effects – Art FilterLed Theme – Colorful KeyboardKeyboard – Fun Emoji, StickerSmart WifiMy GPS LocationImage Warp CameraArt Girls Wallpaper HDCat SimulatorSmart QR CreatorColorize Old PhotoGPS Location FinderGirls Art WallpaperSmart QR ScannerGPS Location MapsVolume ControlSecret HoroscopeSmart GPS LocationAnimated Sticker MasterPersonality Charging ShowSleep SoundsQR CreatorMedia Volume SliderSecret AstrologyColorize PhotosPhi 4K Wallpaper – Anime HD

A few simple rules that can keep you safer and avoid making mistakes in the future,

Don’t install apps that you don’t really needRemember to delete apps you no longer userBe wary of apps with a large number of downloads and few or no reviewsBe wary of apps that request special permissions, like Drawing over apps or access to AccessibilityBe wary of apps that request access to permissions that have nothing to do with the advertised functionalityAlways run a security solution in the background that can detect malicious behavior. Just because an app is downloaded from an official store doesn’t mean it’s safe.

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