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“Mr. Kassensturz” wants to join the National Council

The former Kassensturz presenter, journalist and musician Ueli Schmezer has ambitions for an office in the National Council. The SP section Bern Ost nominated him.

“I want to have a say,” says Ueli Schmezer (61). That’s why the former SRF moderator, who has been the figurehead of the consumer protection program “Kassensturz” for 25 years, wants to go into politics. The SP section Bern Ost has nominated him as a National Council candidate.

After his TV farewell in 2021 , he joined the SP, Schmezer says to Blick. It is still important to him today that people are not duped. That’s why he wants to continue his commitment on the political stage. “I get upset about injustices, I haven’t discarded that.”

Aebischer should help

Schmezer would not be the first SRF face in the National Council. Matthias Aebischer has been in the large chamber for the SP since 2011. He also previously worked for Swiss television. “I’ll definitely get a few tips from him for the election campaign when the time comes,” said the Bernese TV man. The regional and cantonal parties still have to approve his candidacy.

Since leaving SRF, Schmezer has worked independently as a moderator, coach and family musician. He also performs with his Mani Matter cover band.

Candidates like Ueli Schmezer with national charisma would bring completely new networks with them, said Barbara Keller, co-president of the SP section Bern Ost, according to the party announcement. As a consumer advocate, Schmezer fits the SP perfectly. (you)

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