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ESAF 2022 – Two farmers in the flight lesson

Domenic Schneider tries to defeat his opponent and colleague Michael Ledermann with a souplesse.

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Domenic Schneider has had a great season. The fact that the north-eastern Swiss farmer (and carpenter) wants to know exactly what it is again this year at the Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Pratteln was shown right away in the first course against his colleague from Bern, Michael Ledermann. The great Bernese started the season brilliantly, but then had to take a short break due to injury. The people of Bern were already worried about the participation of the great talent in the ESAF – but the all-clear soon followed.

Scheider shows a souplesse

Schneider and Ledermann now had to deal with each other in the swing-in. The corridor ended posed. But Schneider certainly won the hearts of a few more viewers with a souplesse. The rare swing is a standing swing in which the opponent is grabbed from behind, lifted up and thrown backwards over one’s own head. The agile leather man was able to fend off the reverse flight lesson. How 1.93 meters can fly through the air is impressive. 

By Chala Dandessa

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