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Avis Dam murder accused deny guilt – The Namibian

TWO men are accused of murdering and robbing a Windhoek resident at Windhoek’s Avis Dam in Jul 2020. They have all denied the charges against them.

Johannes Shetunyenga (33) was arraigned on Thursday in Windhoek Magistrate Court for murder, robbery, and attempted murder. They pleaded guilty shortly after Jozanne Klazen granted them each bail in the amount of N$2000 each.

Since November 2020, Shetunyenga and Iileka were taken into custody. This was four months after the murder of Windhoek resident Daniele Ferreira (52) at Avis Dam on Windhoek’s eastern side.

Ferrari was robbed, and then killed, on 14/07/2021. He was attacked by a panga, and stabbed with an ax while visiting the dam. This is a popular spot for walkers. Ferrari’s cell phone, wallet and watch, as well as his car keys, were all allegedly stolen during the attack.

In connection with the robbery and murder of Ferrari, Shetunyenga and Iileka were both arrested.

They are accused of attacking another visitor to the dam and of trying to kill him with a panga the day after Ferrari was killed.

Iileka is also charged with robbery of a woman at Avis dam on 10 July 2020. He used a knife as well as a screwdriver to rob the victim. He also denied guilt on this charge on Thursday.

Muvua Anton Cheme (27), was also a co-accused in the case. He denied guilt on charges of receiving stolen property and defeating, or obstructing, the course of justice. Cheme is alleged that he bought Ferrari’s phone from Shetunyenga (Iileka) and destroyed it after being told by a policeman that it had been stolen.

The magistrate ruled that an accused person should not remain in custody as a form anticipatory punishment.

She stated that Shetunyenga or Iileka could flee, interfere with the investigation or with the evidence, and that conditions could be attached to their release on bail.

Klazen pointed out that items taken from Ferrari were found in Iileka’s room at the time Klazen was arrested. After being questioned for the first time, Iileka claimed that the items were found in his room by police.

The court was informed that cell phones records showed that Shetunyenga, Iileka, and Shetunyenga were in the Avis Dam area at the time Ferrari was attacked. They also revealed that they had made confessions to a magistrate shortly after their arrest.

Iileka claimed that a police officer forced him to confess, while Shetunyenga claimed that he couldn’t remember what he said before the magistrate. Klazen also stated that an interpreter signed the alleged confession for him.

She said that the state has not proven that the alleged confessions of the accused will be admissible in their trial. Additionally, the statements were not presented before the court to prove that the two defendants are likely be convicted based solely on their statements.

Klazen granted them bail with the condition that they report to Windhoek Central Police Station every day, that they may not communicate with state witnesses to try and influence their evidence and that they do not interfere in the investigation of their case.

Cheme was also detained in November 2020. In July last year, Cheme was released on bail in the amount of N$5 000.

The matter has been rescheduled for 21 Nov.

Gift Kambinda, Enos Mwakondange and Enos Kambinda, respectively, represent Iileka and Shetunyenga, while Eva Maria Nangolo represents Cheme. Rowan van Wyk, the public prosecutor, was present for the state.

Source: namibian

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