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Liverpool: Mohamed Salah turns heads at Golden State

Steve Kerr is a respected reference NBA. As Warriors coach, the Golden State Warriors coach won four league titles. As a player, the title champion was won five times. It’s not only football in the United States. We also have baseball and football, which they call “soccer”. In Europe, there are more basketball stars and they appreciate the stars who go there every weekend. Steve Kerr has a favorite player, Mohamed Salah.

Steve Kerr spoke out about his Egyptian idol while he was in Egypt competing in Basketball Without Borders Mohammad Salah. The American is a total fan of the, which is the minimum we can say. Pharaoh. “I started following the Premier League five or six years ago. I had seen Mohamed Salah play, and read articles about him. I was impressed by his personality and the work he did in his home town. (Note: Nagrig has a population of only 10,000 people). by helping to build a school. I knew how much he was loved by Egyptians so I thought to myself: “He’s my man!I wanted to cheer him along and when I learned he was playing for Liverpool, it became my team. Since then I have been a Liverpool supporter.“Launches the technician in remarks relayed by Basket USA.

With a basketball great! pic.twitter.com/NVMLOvtvCf

—Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) August 28, 2022

Steve Kerr, a Liverpool fan, has a wish. The Warriors boss would like to see Liverpool win this season. Champions League. This would allow Mo Salah the opportunity to win his second Cup, with long ears after 2019. He also lost two finals against Real Madrid in 2018 and 2022.

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