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Ethiopia briefs diplomats in Addis Ababa – New Business Ethiopia

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Ministry Demeke Mekonnen, and Ambassador Tesfaye Yelma, were briefed today by Addis Ababa-based diplomats as well as representatives of international organisations about the latest developments in Ethiopia.

At the briefing, Mr. Demeke focused on the conflict that the TPLF had just re-ignited, the present humanitarian situation, and the federal government’s continued efforts to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion.

Demeke stated that TPLF has been violating spirit of humanitarian truce through hostile language, recruiting child soldiers and engaging in public mobilisation planning for another round.

Mr. Demeke thanked the countries that supported the federal government’s attempts to stop further violence in Ethiopia and questioned the motivations of some groups that still provide support to the TPLF.

The TPLF’s latest wave of attacks on the Amhara and Afar areas, which began on August 23, 2022, will not be accepted, he reaffirmed, adding that the government is committed to taking all necessary steps to prevent the TPLF from victimizing these communities once more.

The Government of Ethiopia has taken measures against the terrorist group with the utmost care to prevent civilian casualties. He stated that alerts have been extended to protect themselves from military installations and to keep them away from military installations.

He asserted that despite the TPLF’s victimhood tactics, which include blaming and demonizing the government and asserting ficticious wins, the Ethiopian government will continue to uphold its constitutional obligations to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of all Ethiopians.

He spoke out about humanitarian situations and expressed appreciation for the humanitarian truce that helped alleviate the dire circumstances of Tigrayans.

The Deputy Prime Minster and Foreign Minister stated that despite escalating hostilities the Ethiopian government is committed towards achieving peace. This contrasts to the TPLF who continued to impose terms and disparage the AU’s peace process.

In summarizing his remarks, he stated some groups should stop equating the government with the outlawed terrorist organization and take measures that will worsen the conflict and threaten Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

Finally, the Deputy Prime Minster and Foreign Minister addressed the audience with their questions and comments.

Following the briefing Ambassador Meles Alem, Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs debriefed the media.

He reiterated that the Ethiopian government was ready to resume the AU-led peaceful process whenever and wherever it occurs.

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