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A serious accident occurred in the municipality of Blenio shortly before 12 noon on Sunday. A 14-year-old Italian fell about 100 meters and died on the spot. 

According to the canton police, an accident occurred shortly before noon today in the mountains in the Ghirone area in the municipality of Blenio. According to initial findings, a 14-year-old Italian citizen residing in the province of Varese was traveling in the area of ​​​​the Scaletta hut, accompanied by a group. For reasons still to be determined by the police investigation, the young man fell about 100 meters along the way, hitting another 14-year-old member of the same group. The youth, who also lives in the province of Varese, then fell into a stream below.

Youngster wanted to help

A 14-year-old Swiss man who did not belong to the group and lived in the Mendrisiotto tried to help the two young people and also fell. In addition to officers from the cantonal police, rescue services from Rega and the SAS intervened on site.

The death of the first 14-year-old could only be determined, the other two young people were taken to the hospital by helicopter. According to the doctors, they suffered serious injuries and may be in mortal danger. The care team was brought in to provide psychological support.



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