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‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Space Beth Summer’s New Mom?

“Rick and Morty” Season 6, Episode 1 begins with Rick’s dramatic voice buzzing in the space where he muses that when someone is dying, the first thing they lose is their creativity. One cannot agree more, but anyway, this is how he keeps talking and mocking the situation that Rick and Morty have put themselves into. The citadel has broken, the other Mortys are going ferocious, and now they’re locked up in space. It seems this fresh new episode “Solaricks” is just the aftermath of the season 5 finale “Rickmurai Jack.” Rick’s cinematic voiceover is getting all in vain as Evil Morty isn’t writing them. Rick’s denotation about not having a helmet like that Avenger guy disappoints Morty, as how can anybody forget Iron man? But Rick is tranquil about the far more ravage-bearing consequences that are coming on their way until ‘Space Beth,’ the way cooler version of Morty’s mom, has come to their aid, but at what cost? She starts explaining things that, consequently, frustrate Rick and Morty, but they can’t express a little of that as long as the ‘Space Beth’ is the rescuer. 

How Do Rick And Morty Arrive In Their Native Universes?

After boarding ‘Space-Beth’s spaceship, they arrive in the universe where Beth is still alive. Rick starts gobbling the heirloom tomato sandwiches while Morty gets the Digestibot’s nutrient mass. Rick then proceeds to reset the portal ‘travel index’ in order to re-enter the multiverse, but instead of the ‘portal travel,’ he resets the ‘travelers,’ and along with him Morty and Jerry begin pulsing green. Rick assures them that they are not going to die, but rather can retreat to their original universes. But where is summer? Although Summer is happy to see these two back, instead of welcoming them, she is handed the portal index so she can bring Rick, Morty, and Jerry back. But the multiverse won’t dance to Rick’s cue, even if he is the ‘smartest man’ alive, as per what he claims to be. In this universe, since Jerry is the Jerry from season 2, (episode: Mortynight Run), we hear the name of the daycare of multiple Jerries called “Jerryborre” in their mouths, and in a fraction of a second, they vanish to their native C137 Universes. Rick arrives in his native universe where his wife Diane and Beth were slaughtered by the “weird Rick” (the Rick with a funky haircut and a jacket), but here in this reality, Rick had fabricated an artificial intelligence of the dead Diane’s voice as a ghost to haunt himself. Meanwhile, the neighbors in his reality are all stuck in a time loop on that day when Diane was killed. Rick is forced to reset the poor people whose ages stopped at a certain point. While he has been finding traces of Weird Rick, he hops onto a spaceship, departing his wife’s voice to jump into a wormhole in an attempt to reach another reality. The commotion begins in the wormhole when a feral, gigantic alien monster leaps into the universe where Beth and Summer are. Rick orders Summer to survive, regardless, unless he finds his bad version in the wormhole and follows himself.

Meanwhile, Morty arrives in his native post-apocalyptic reality, which is the Cronenberg universe of season 1 (what we have seen in the episode: Rick-potion). In the meantime, Morty reaches his home and realizes his family isn’t alive, but in the meantime, Jerry knocks him from behind, leading an afraid Morty to throw a bolt at him unknowingly. Seeing Jerry become an apocalypse survivor, looking more like Leo Dicaprio from “Revenant,” Morty grows respect for his father. Although, after some small talk, Jerry leaves Morty stealing all his belongings, Morty catches him and realizes that his father is nothing but mad at him for abandoning them to die.

Is ‘Space-Beth’ Summer’s New Mom? Who Is “Rick Prime”?

Here we see the real hero of the season is Summer, who, right after the vanishing of the travelers, runs into the basement garage to his grandfather’s lab. Beth demands to know where the Rick and Morty of this universe are. Summer coldly replies that they are buried in the backyard. Summer is now gifted with the ‘Wolverine claws’ that Rick has given to her. She’s even more excited to go on another rescue mission to bring back her family, accompanied by her two mothers, Beth and’ Space Beth’. After some awkwardness, ‘Space Beth’ agrees to do so. They reach a universe where small scavenger dudes attack them. Cutting them off with her claws, Summer gives off a cooler appearance on the screen. Moreover, she’s enjoying the mission with her hip new mother. Rick finally arrives at Morty’s Cronenberg universe, where he can locate the bad Rick named “Rick Prime.” Rick reveals the truth that Morty’s grandfather, Rick, of this universe, has actually killed his family and left Morty behind. They are both now equipped in a ship, following the location of ‘Rick Prime,’ which leads them to get trapped in his sphere buried in space. Though Rick can find out the actual ‘Rick Prime,’ the Prime one keeps riddling with them, showing clones of Rick to make him choose the real one. Frustrated with the game, Rick and Morty start combat against him and his space sentinel monsters. 

How Does The Smith Family Come Together?

While the other-dimensional creature attacks Beths and Summer, two Beths start bickering over the bond between ‘Space Beth’ and Summer, while fighting with the jelly-like monster. But amid all the conflicts, Summer cuts the monster in half, revealing that she needs to hang out more without being fixated. But the monster isn’t dead yet, rising from all his halves to be a bigger one, and right at that moment, Rick and Morty jump over it, ending its game forever.

The Smith family is not complete yet, so they proceed to find Jerry in his native universe of Season 2. While in season 2, Jerry is in the middle of a fight with his family members. He sneaks away with the rest of his space traveler family to arrive in the universe of ‘Alive Beth.’ But there he finds the Jerry of Beth’s universe too, opening the cage of Mr. Frontals that he found in Rick’s room. While Mr. Frontals bites whatever he gets in front of him, along with this universe’s Jerry, everything becomes infected and turns into the frontals, even the Earth as well. So, the Smith Family has to find a new timeline to reside in peace, but upon arriving at the alternative universe, they find their other whole Smith Family has been slaughtered badly, leading the new Smiths to bury them. The only downside to this reality is that they weirdly pronounce “parmesan.”

Later, in the post-credit scene, we see ‘Rick Prime’, the unsympathetic one, has arrived in his own universe to kill Jerry. While the survivor Jerry offers Rick to team up with him, Rick Prime denies it. Rick’s denial infuriates Jerry, leading him to kill Rick, but instead, poor Jerry is shot dead by Rick’s gun.

Marvel Easter Eggs And Name Inspiration Explained

Season 6 of “Rick and Morty” begins with the aftermath of the last episode of Season 5, where we got references to past seasons 1 and 2, but more than that, we got references or easter eggs from other cinematic universes as well. Speaking of which, directed by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon and produced by Adult Swim, “Rick and Morty” is famous for its weird sci-fi interpretations and various parodies and easter eggs. The way Rick and Morty are shown stranded in space calls out the very beginning scene of Avengers Endgame. Especially the dramatic voiceover in Rick’s frail state and not having a helmet like “that Avengers guy” make this reference more specific. In the end, like Captain America’s arrival, Space Beth is also seen coming to the rescue, which is depicted in a cinematic style similar to Endgame. Also, when Summer reaches Rick’s lab in the basement garage, you can see Magneto’s helmet, Thor’s hammer, and Cyclops’ glasses on a shelf. Even the name of the episode has hints from Andrei Tarkovsky’s space movie to George Clooney’s Solaris’. All in all, episode 6 is a great entry for Rick and Morty into the new season, which shows that the next episodes will be more fun and full of easter eggs and parodies, leaving us to wait for another week.

Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1

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