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Arab countries uncomfortable with Algeria hosting Arab League Summit

The Arab states are still not enthusiastic about the Arab Summit, which was supposed to be held in Algeria last March, but has never been held.

Ramtane Lamamra, Algerian foreign minister, asked Arab heads to attend an Arab Summit meeting. The summit is now unlikely to take place in November as many diplomats believe.

The summit was delayed in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, but it will be held this year in Algeria. The Algerian President Tebboune stated earlier with certainty that the summit would be held in March 2022, and that Syria will regain its seat.

According to sources in Egypt, the summit will be rescheduled.

Lamamra, the foreign minister was quick to discredit the news as rumors, just like the Algerian regime did during the previous postponement.

Algeria was punching above it’s weight, promising to reach a landmark settlement between Palestinians, despite empty slogans from Algeria’s president and foreign minister of unification Arabs.

The Syrian regime announced that it would not attend the summit. This was a move it said was conducive to maintaining Arab unity. Analysts say that the decision was taken after Algeria requested that Syrians refrain from attending the summit.

This is not an issue for Arab states, who deplore the increasing Algerian complicity with the Iranian agenda.

Algeria unilaterally cut diplomatic relations with Morocco. Arab states, GCC and Egypt won’t accept Algiers hostility toward Rabat or its support for the Polisario separatists militias in the region.

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