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Victory farms partners to conserve the environment

Victory farms

Kenya’s largest fish farm dubbed Victory Farms has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a recycling company in its efforts to manage plastic wastes.

The partnership, which is indefinite, will see the fish farm sell its plastic wastes and Mr. Green Africa will recycle them into other useful products.

Although the company has a goal of collecting one million tonnes of plastic trash, it can only collect 600 tonnes per month.

Ntekerei Saruni, the farm’s Operations Director said the organization entered into the partnership to protect the environment through effective management of plastic wastes.

“We are launching a partnership to manage our wastes. It has become a problem for us, a farm, to manage plastics and wastes over time. We got into this partnership with Mr. Green in our endeavor to protect the environment and manage our wastes responsibly,” Saruni stated.

Brian Akello, Circular Economy Manager reiterated these sentiments. He also stated that it was their responsibility ensure the environment is safe for their aquaculture activities.

“This partnership is meant to enable Victory Farms to sell its plastic wastes to the organization which in turn will recycle the plastics for reuse. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our environment is clean from wastes that emanate from our activities in this region,” he said.

“We generate wastes on a daily basis and we have a responsibility to protect our environment, so this will be a long-term partnership. Through this, the environment will be protected from pollution that may cause more harm to it and its inhabitants,” Akello added.

The manager of Suba South Sub-County Farm stated Wednesday that the plastic wastes come as barrels that are used to float the cages on the lake.

“When the barrels are worn out, we remove them and cut into halves where we use them to carry fish from cages to the processing unit, but they tend to depreciate overtime and that is when Mr. Green comes in to take them for crushing and recycling to produce other products,” said Akello.

The Regional Sourcing Coordinator Mr. Green Western Nyanza region, James Okoth was looking forward to working with the farm, saying that it was a privilege to work with the farm.

“It’s a pleasure to work with the farm in managing its plastic wastes. They see them as just wastes, but Mr. Green sees it as more than that. It is what we major. We are here to transfer the plastics to our factory for recycling,” Okoth stated.

Mr. Green Africa, a tech-enabled recycle company, has hubs at Nairobi and Kisumu. It purchases waste from direct sourcing agents and small waste pickers, mainly street children.

“Bringing the farm on board is a gain for us as we are able to source more volumes as our capacity to recycle plastic wastes is above board. We are targeting a million tonnes which we are unable to source from the environment and all our key players,” Okoth said.

The organization recycles plastic wastes and also provides rehabilitation services where street children are taken in to be transformed into responsible citizens capable of supporting their families.

By Sitna Omar

Source: kenyanews

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