Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Special Forces of the Somali National Army conducts planned operations against Al-Shabab

Special forces of Danab Commandos of the Somali National Army have conducted planned operations against the Al-Shabab terrorists and destroyed their basses in Hiiran region. The special forces operated in several areas near the bushes of Gandarshe and Number-50. There, terrorists created a false court to intimidate the citizens in order to extort property and force them to take it.

The troops destroyed Al-Shabab’s positions in the forest areas of Maradde and Ceelsalini, Qodqoda, and other areas.

“This operation was planned after discovering that the terrorists have made hideouts in the uninhabited land where there are many trees, that is where they call the people they want to extort,” said a sergeant who spoke to the National Media.

The government of Somalia has strengthened its fight against Al-Shabab Terrorism. In the last few days, the government forces have overtaken more than 20 lands that were held by the Terrorists in the past.

Source: sonna

By Chala Dandessa

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