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Clash between herders, farmers in Chad leaves 17 dead

17 people died in a battle between farmers and breeders in Moyen-Chari province, Chad, according to Anadolu news agency.

“The violence that broke out on Tuesday continued on Wednesday. We also recorded many injuries, including those to gendarmes who were sent to the area to restore order. The victims were evacuated to the district hospital in Kyabé,” Nardji Samson, commandant of the Kyabe brigade in the province told the news agency.
The violence sparked out Tuesday when a herd of oxen invaded farmers’ fields. This set off a firestorm that led to a first clash with a death toll of around 17 in the locality of Kyabé in the Lac Iro department.
After mediation by local authorities, the situation was restored to normal on Thursday.

Some central African provinces are sometimes the scene of inter-community conflict. In June, 11 people were killed in clashes among farmers and herders at the Kabbia region of Mayo Kebbi East province.

Source: north africa post

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