Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

More than 45 Al-Shabab terrorists killed in an operations by the SNA

The Somali Armed Forces made a strong move with the local liberation army in areas east of Galgadud where Al-Shabab terrorists have been in recent times, and the army is moving to more important areas such as Eel-Lahelay and Eelgaras.

The Minister of Planning of Galmudug Ahmed Ali Mohamed (Cantoobo), the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mohamed Nur Dini, the governor of Galgaduud Ilmi Ali Abdi, the mayor of Dhusamareb Gedaqorow and the chairman of the youth association of Dhusamareeb, Alas Abdinur Barre, along with some of Dhusamareb community, donated 30 goats to the armed forces in the area of ​​Sina-dhaqo in Dhusamareb.

Officials who provided aid to the army at the frontline areas thanked the army for their continued operation and promised that they would be available to provide all kinds of assistance.

Mid-General Dayah Abdi Abdule was Commander of the 17th Brigade, GorgGor. He said that the army and the people will work together to eradicate terrorism from the remaining central regions.

Al-Shabab terrorist organization is facing a large war zone. In most of the Galgaduud regions that are near the Al-Shabab group’s locations, the armed forces have begun a joint operation with the local liberation force, which is a civilian group who has taken up arms to defend their lands.

Source: sonna

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