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Putin Says ‘Mass Strike’ on Ukraine Is Revenge for Bridge Attack

After missiles hit at least 10 Ukrainian cities, President Vladimir V. Putin warned in a televised address that “no one should have any doubt” that Russia will defend itself.

Here is the latest on the explosions across Ukraine.

KYIV, Ukraine — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia ordered a far-reaching series of missile strikes against cities across Ukraine on Monday morning, hitting the heart of the capital and areas far from the front line in its broadest assault against civilians and critical infrastructure since the early days of its invasion.

Russia’s attacks killed at least five people in Kyiv, the Ukrainian police said, and knocked out power and other key services in multiple cities. Mr. Putin said the strikes were in response to a blast that hit a key Russian bridge over the weekend, which he called a “terrorist attack.’’ He threatened further strikes if Ukraine continued to hit Russian targets.

Deadly Explosions Rock Ukraine’s CapitalA series of explosions in the central Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv left at least five people dead and dozens wounded, according to a government official.CreditCredit…Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

The barrage of strikes — from Lviv in the west to Mykolaiv in the south and Kharkiv in the northeast — slammed into civilian areas and apparently also sought to cripple energy facilities as winter approaches. The explosions blew out the windows of buildings in central Kyiv, set vehicles ablaze and sent residents scrambling for shelter at a time when many were heading for school or work.

The attacks demonstrated that Russia still has the ability to strike deep into Ukraine and terrorize civilians, even as Moscow’s forces struggle on the battlefield in the eighth month of its invasion. Ukrainian troops have reclaimed more than 1,200 miles of territory in the east and south in recent weeks, and Mr. Putin has faced mounting criticism of his army’s performance and growing opposition to his call-up of hundreds of thousands of civilians into military service.

Here are the latest developments:

  • At least 10 Ukrainian cities came under attack, and regional officials said that electrical power stations and power lines were among the main targets of the strikes. Electricity outages disrupted internet service, and several cities were left without power and central heating, officials said.
  • Ukrainians had been bracing for retaliatory attacks following the explosion on Saturday that damaged a bridge linking Russia with Crimea. The strike embarrassed Moscow and could hinder its ability to supply its occupying forces in southern Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian artillery strikes hit the regions of Belgorod and Kursk in western Russia, according to a statement from Russia’s main investigative agency. There was no immediate confirmation of the strikes.

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