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Explained: What is vestibular hypofunction that Varun Dhawan is suffering from?

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Vestibular hypofunction a disorder that weakens the balance of an individual

The vestibular system, which is located in the inner ear and cooperates with your eyes and muscles to keep you balanced, is explained by NHS (National Health Service) Lanarkshire. Vestibular hypofunction occurs when the inner ear part of your balance system fails to work properly.

Recently, Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan disclosed that he had Vestibular hypofunction, a disorder that weakens the balance of an individual.


When the vestibular system becomes faulty, a person ends up feeling dizzy and imbalanced. As a result of inner ear hypofunction. patients may experience oscillopsia (movement or bobbing of the visual field with head movement due to loss of the vestibulo-ocular reflex), dizziness, and postural instability.

Medical professionals state that this condition can affect both sides of the head or just one side (unilateral hypofunction) (bilateral hypofunction). Other medical conditions like vestibular neuritis, vestibular schwannoma, Meniere’s disease, etc. can also contribute to unilateral hypofunction.

After the balance system is harmed, bilateral hypofunction can happen. Bilateral hypofunction can also occur in people with certain autoimmune diseases and congenital conditions.

Vestibular hypofunction affects higher cognitive functions, affecting spatial memory, learning, and way finding.

What is the treatment of Vestibular hypofunction?

1) Bend your head from a sitting position to look at the floor and then up to look at the ceiling.

2) Keep your eyes on the floor and the ceiling as you lead your head.

3) Ten times, do this. Stop and wait for about 30 seconds for the symptoms to go away.

4) Two more times, go through the entire procedure.

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