Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ethiopian Airlines to Resume Flight to Mekelle Tomorrow

Ethiopian Airlines Photo: Walta

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mesfin Tassew revealed that the airlines will resume its regular passenger flight to Mekelle tomorrow.

A team comprised from the Ethiopian civil aviation and the airlines have inspected yesterday that the Alula Aba Nega airport is ready.

Ethiopian Airlines CEO and his team were amongst the delegation of government officials who traveled to Mekelle led by House of Peoples’ Representative Speaker Tagese Chafo to discuss implementation of the peace agreement.

The delegation held discussion with senior leaders of TPLF and residents of Mekelle city on Monday.

Upon arrival at Alula Aba Nega Airport, in Mekelle, the delegation, which is composed of ministers, heads of service providing institutions, commissioners of National Dialogue, has received a warm welcome.

During the occasion, Speaker of the House Tagesse Chafo said the aim of the delegation is to consolidate the peace efforts and share ideas and feelings of each other, as reported by ENA.

Source: Walta

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