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FALSE IMAGE: Some of these images are unrelated to the drought in Borena, Oromia region- Pesacheck

One of the pictures is from Kenya while another has been online since 2011.

A Facebook post with images supposedly of the effects of drought in Borena, Ethiopia, is FALSE.

Three images accompany the Amharic post that translates to; “The government and international institutions are not paying due attention to the famine and death of people and their livestock following the drought in Borena. Humanitarian organisations, political parties, famous personalities, influencers, and community activists should make an organised campaign so that our Borena people get something to eat, fodder and water for their cattle.”

However, as seen here and here, some of the images attached to the post are unrelated to the drought in Borena, Oromia region.

The first image was shared on this website on 19 August 2022 and is from Kenya. The caption reads: “Cattle too weak to walk are dying in growing numbers around settlement in Amboseli.”

Amboseli is a national park in Kenya.

The second picture was published on this website on 19 August 2011.

The caption, according to Google, translates as: “For the families in the Horn of Africa, it is a tragedy when the livestock dies.” The photo credit is given to CARE.

A reverse image search for the third image did not yield credible results as seen herehere, and here.

More than 800,000 residents of Borena, in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, are in need of swift humanitarian assistance. The recurrent drought has affected many pastoral communities and their livestock in the area.

PesaCheck has examined the Facebook post with images supposedly of the effects of drought in Borena, Ethiopia, and found it to be FALSE.

By Chala Dandessa

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