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How to buy Admas Digital Lottery Tickets

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How to buy Admas Digital Lottery Tickets

Ethio telecom and National Lottery Administration have signed a strategic partnership to launch digital lottery via telebirr and 605 SMS, thereby reducing expenses made earlier on lottery related printing items and other materials.

The launch of the digital lottery service would enable the National Lottery Administration to commence digital lottery sales  as option inaddtion to its existing paper based lottery sales as well as to increase digital penetration and enhance accessibility by integrating it to telebirr based digital payment system which is easy, fast, convenient and secure payment platform for the lottery ticket buyers.

The lottery ticket buyers could buy the digital lottery named as ADMAS lottery by dialing to telebirr USSD *127# as well as National Lottery Administration’s 605 SMS service by sending A or any letter.

As soon as the ticket buyers purchase the lottery tickets, they will immediately receive the lottery ticket number and the lottery drawing date either via 127 telebirr SMS or 605 SMS sent from National Lottery Administration based on the platform the tickets are purchased and the lottery ticket prices will be deducted from their deposited telebirr account/airtime.

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