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‘I am dying every day:’ Wife of killed Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif calls for justice

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Pakistani journalists Javeria Siddique and Arshad Sharif were married for 11 years before Sharif was killed in Kenya on October 23, 2022. (Photo: Javeria Siddique)

Six months after Kenyan authorities said Kenyan police shot dead prominent Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif, his wife Javiera Siddique spoke to CPJ about the lack of justice for her husband, the online smear campaign against her, and her hopes for how the international community can help.

Sharif was killed outside Nairobi on October 23, 2022, after fleeing Pakistan while under investigation for his journalistic work. A Pakistan government fact-finding team found in December that Kenya’s portrayal of his killing as a case of mistaken identity was “full of contradictions” and that the involvement of “characters in Kenya, Dubai, and Pakistan in this assassination cannot be ruled out.”

“This was a targeted killing,” said Siddique, a freelance journalist and photographer who was married to Sharif for 11 years. “Our government is not serious about getting justice for Sharif because he was their worst critic.”

Source: CPJ

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