Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa posted warning message about Fake pages imitating them selves as they are U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa and working on Diversity Visa (DV) and other US Visa.

We are aware of social media posts advising the download of an application to help applicants win a Diversity Visa (DV) or other U.S. visa.

These posts and messages are NOT affiliated with the U.S. Embassy and are not valid. They are scams. Do not engage with these kinds of messages, as they may be using your personal details for fraudulent or malicious purposes. Please be advised that all visa and travel-related information is available at http://ow.ly/MWf150NKzeQ, here, & our verified Facebook page.


By Chala Dandessa

I am Lecturer, Researcher and Freelancer. I am the founder and Editor at ETHIOPIANS TODAY website. If you have any comment use caalaadd2@gmail.com as email contact. Additionally you can contact us through the contact page of www.ethiopianstoday.com.

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