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Man allegedly dies while having sex in Nairobi

Man allegedly dies while having sex in Nairobi

Police are investigating an incident where a 44-year-old man allegedly died while having sex in Kayole, Nairobi.

Frederick Mwilu reportedly died at his girlfriend’s rented house at Soweto Estate in Nyando area on Thursday.

According to a police report seen by the Star, the incident was reported at Soweto police station on OB xx/27/05/2021 at 1457 hours on Thursday as “sudden death incident report.”

“It was reported by Miriam Wangare Githuka (36) that today 27/05/021 at around 1100hrs, she was in her rented house situated within Soweto-Nyando area when her boyfriend Frederick Kyalo Mwilu (44) paid her a visit where they stayed for an hour engaging in intimacy, ” read the report.

It continued, “In that process as they were on the act, the boyfriend made a sharp sound and collapsed prompting her to seek help. She was later assisted by a taxi driver.”

The duo escorted the unconscious boyfriend to Mama Lucy Hospital where he was attended to by the medical personnel who found him to have passed on.

The body was moved to the same hospital’s mortuary awaiting postmortem.

DCI detectives from Kayole subcounty police division have launched probe into the incident.

The sleuths indicated that the deceased’s body had no physical injuries.


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