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The Science of Smart Creativity

The Science of Smart Creativity

Creativity is a complex and ever-evolving concept that has been studied by psychologists and neuroscientists for many years. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), creativity is explored to understand where it comes from and how to develop it. Here are some findings:

Meditation can be a great way to boost creativity. According to Headspace, meditation can quiet the mind to create calm and clarity, which in turn allows us to access our creative inspiration, giving it the space it needs to soar. Studies have shown that meditation practices, such as mindfulness, can help improve concentration, reduce stress and foster a more open and flexible state of mind, which enhances creative thinking and problem-solving ability.

 Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a transitional state that exists at the boundary between wakefulness and sleep. Psychologists have discovered that hypnosis can be a source of creative inspiration.

Brain networks: One major theory holds that creativity occurs when these networks come together to solve problems, an idea supported by a group of psychology experts from Harvard, Yale and others who used MRI to predict an individual’s level of creativity. Meditation:

Play: Play can help stimulate creative thinking.

Experience: Experience can help stimulate creative thinking.

Source: https://www.apa.org

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