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TapSwap Airdrop: Pricing, Mining, Referral And Listing Explained

TapSwap Airdrop: Pricing, Mining, Referral And Listing Explained

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This might shock you. But imagine being given a share of a token that can do multiple X figures upon listing for free?

Yeah, It’s no other than one of the most popular growing token $TAPS brought to you by TapSwap.

It’s currently offering a easy and zero barrier airdrop that can catapult your finances to the next level if you hop on it.

Funny scenario, imagine just tapping buttons on your screens only to be allocated really bullish tokens that can be a lifesaver if you put in the little effortless work. With many more ways to boost your share of this promising token upon listing.

It’s very similar to the already popular NotCoin but it uses the Solana blockchain to create a fast, efficient, and secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

With over 1 million followers on X (Twitter), it has a lot of trust and popularity to outperform many coins before it. So let’s get straight to it.

Click Here to claim TapSwap tokens.

What is TapSwap?

What is TapSwap

TapSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Solana Blockchain. The biggest part of TapSwap Token TAPS distribution will occur among their players via their easy to access gamified telegram bot. TapSwap has over 1 Million followers on X (Twitter). And is quite similar to NotCoin.

Who founded TapSwap?

TapSwap was founded by Kibiru Muthaka.

The ownership of TapSwap coin, like many cryptocurrencies, is decentralized, meaning it is not owned by a single entity or individual. Instead, TapSwap tokens are held by a variety of investors and participants in the ecosystem. Some cryptocurrencies have a known founder or development team. Remember, it’s always important to do your own research (DYOR) when it comes to investments and participation in cryptocurrency projects.

Click Here to claim TapSwap tokens.

How to claim and mine TapSwap airdrop token:

To claim and mine TapSwap token, follow the instructions below:

  • Download and create a Telegram account (that’s if you haven’t)
  • Click on the link below:
  • Click on start now
  • Look down and click on Tap
  • To farm, tap on the center of the coin symbol
  • Do some tasks to boost your earnings


How does TapSwap Airdrop work?

How does TapSwap Airdrop work

TapSwap works by allowing you to mine points that can be exchanged for their coin TAPS. It lets you play a game. But don’t worry it only takes a few easy taps. To earn coins, once you’re in the telegram bot, tap on the center of your screen and watch your points increase. More coins, more tokens. And more tokens, more money. 

You can also refer friends and family to earn even greater rewards.

So stick with me as we explore the company’s official info. The different earning features include:

Tap to Earn:

Tap to Earn

TapSwap is an addictive clicker game where you accumulate Shares by tapping the screen.



Climb the ranks by earning more Shares and outperforming others in the leagues.



Unlock boosts and complete tasks to maximize your Shares earnings.



Invite others and both of you will receive bonuses. Assist your friends in advancing to higher leagues for bigger Shares rewards.

The Purpose:

Collect as many Shares as possible and exchange them for TAPS, TapSwap Token on Solana Blockchain.

Click Here to claim TapSwap tokens.

TapSwap Coin price:

The listing pricing for TapSwap Coin is not yet official but expect a really bullish price once it’s listed on centralized exchanges. It can be a life changer if you commit a few minutes of your time in claiming this token. I’ll update this page with the official price upon listing.

TapSwap community & social media accounts:

TapSwap can be followed via the following social media handles:

TapSwap listing date:

The official TapSwap coins listing date hasn’t been announced yet. But expect its listing real soon in a few months if it follows the trend of other successful airdrop projects in its category. I’ll update this page with the official listing date upon announcement.

Conclusion: TapSwap Airdrop

TapSwap is a really promising project that offers users an allocation of their token via gamified airdrops. It has a really large following and popularity enough to push it to the next best thing. So time is ticking, try getting in on this potential life-changing token while it lasts.

I hope this article helps put you in the know and in the right direction. See you at the top.

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