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Destruction strategist and key Junta leader Sebhat Nega has been arrested

The Defense Forces said that other leaders of the criminal group, including the crime strategist and the leader of the Junta, Sibhat Nega, have been arrested.

Sibhat Nega, the leader of the Junta, who devised and coordinated a destabilizing strategy for the past 27 years and eventually waged a vicious war against our country’s army, has been arrested.
Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, head of the Defense Forces Deployment Department, told ENA that Sebhat Nega, the top leader of the Junta, has been arrested in a channel that is extremely difficult for human beings.

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According to Brigadier General Tesfaye, members of the gang hid the Junta’s top salute and carried it inside the channel. He also said that other apostate Junta leaders had been arrested along with Junta leader Sibhat Nega.

Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, head of the Defense Forces Deployment Department, told ENA that the apostate Junta leaders had been working to fight and train the Junta militia and eventually arrested them while coordinating security around the Junta leadership.

He also said that the Junta militia, which was guarding the area, was also destroyed to protect the Junta leaders.

Accordingly, those arrested
1. Congratulations to Junta’s top leadership and disaster strategist
2. Lieutenant Colonel Tsadu Rich – Sibhat Nega’s wife and former physician at the Armed Forces Hospital
3. Colonel Kinfe Tadesse: Betrayed by defense
4. Colonel Mane Kahsay: Betrayed by defense
5. Asgede G / Christos: A man who traveled from the interior and joined the group and is currently being held without charge has been arrested.
6. Commander Berhe Girma: Former Head of Regional Logistics
7. Amdemariam Tesema Tewolde: Former head of the Regional Complaints Hearing Office
8. Alganesh Meles who was the wife of Major General Hayalom Araya and who lived in the United States and later came to Addis Ababa and joined Junta, escaped and fell into a ditch while trying to escape during the operation.

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