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All Ethiopians, Fight Eritreans Again – U.S. Diplomat Eritrean Press

The former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, and US Ambassador to Ethiopia tried today to create a wedge and animosity between the Eritreans and Ethiopians.

The former Assistant Secretary (pictured with Eritrean President Isaias) tweeted, “All Ethiopians should be upset by presence of Eritrean forces in Tigray, since ALL of Ethiopia defeated Isaias in 1998-2000 war. Ethiopia had to quickly mobilize its forces when Isaias invaded; while the Tigray militia stopped the initial attack. Let’s remember history.”
Within seconds, his tweet ‘melted’ by furious Eritreans and Ethiopians.

Here are some of the comments the American geezer received.
• In that case, the whole world should upset by US military presence all over the continents.
• What a statement from Seasoned diplomat shame on you!!
• Wow, Tibor listed to TPLF payroll? How low can one choose to say those words?
• Please stop spreading the hatred message. Have some respect for Africans! We don’t have any place for this type of game!
• With no chance of [TPLF] returning to power in Tigray, in any form or shape, it becomes a difficult mental process for its former handlers such as @TiborPNagyJr to accept it.
• The two brotherly nations don’t take a pride from a senseless border war.
• I tolerate anything that removes TPLF.
• War b/n Ethiopia & Eritrea you mentioned was instigated & was also perpetuated by Meles Zenawi & #TPLFisTheCause. Thanks to Abiy Ahmed i & President Isaias of Eritrea, now we are in peace. Ethiopians welcomed Ertreans anywhere in the county & vise versa.
• This is shallow in so many levels & a clear display of unfortunate ignorance.
• Our Eritrea brothers gave shelter and protection for Ethiopian solders when they were in need of assistance.
• Please stop labeling Eritrea as Ethiopia’s Enemy . They are our brothers.

• Tens of Thousands of Ethio Americans marched in front of @StateDept supporting Ethiopian government and denouncing @StateDept interference. When 3 generation Diaspora oppose US action, it is wise to reassess US stand. China is winning the ideals battle in Africa!
• How would we possibly be angry at Eritreans when it was TPLF (Tigrayan extremists) who have been massacring Amhara for 27+ years?!?
• Sorry, no Ethiopians will buy this out dated statement that you are making except #TPLFisaTerroristGroup & their sympathizers. We are in different era now! Ethiopia and Eritrea will continue to live in peace & move 4ward to better their ppl’s life. No more chaos in East Africa!
• Eritreans are our brothers and sisters!! Tplf poofs. Eritreans haven’t done any harm to Ethiopians. Tplf however looted, jailed and killed thousands of Ethiopians.
• In case you’ve missed the show – rogue TPLF is gone & obliterated. You are in no position to tell others what they “should” do. FYI the Eritro-Ethio partnership is working brilliantly. Long may it stay so.
• This will remain in history as one of the most unfortunate remarks made by a diplomat. This clearly reflects the stance of the current administration in Washington. TPLF served this purpose, to keep a wedge between & ….We you!
• Let us remember a more recent history. TPLF invited Eritrea to the war by launching multiple rockets to Asmara.
• We are all sincerely grateful to Eritrea for receiving the naked, wounded and mutilated Ethiopian defense force treacherously attacked by TPLF.
• There is nothing more degrading and upsetting than being told how to think and behave by the West. Eritrea and Ethiopia are one people, two governments. They both have an obligation to defend their ppl from #TPLFisaTerroristGroup.
• Ethiopians were misled by TPLF to get involved in the 1998-2000 war with Eritrea. We are immensely grateful for Eritrean people and government for their support in reversing the disintegration threat posed by TPLF.
• I can’t believe a U.S. ambassador is tweeting like an inebriated Tigrayan bartender. This is shameful! But we know his goal is to try to cause a wedge between Eritreans & Ethiopians in the hopes of saving TPLF. Sad! TPLF was trounced in 14 days of combat, sleep on that, Nagy.

• When TPLF said war was its traditional dance and started the war in November, it got destroyed in two weeks. TPLF is only good for killing unarmed civilians, but zero in war combat.
• Colonial mentality of westerns is on its way to be buried for the last time in Ethiopia as well as in Africa. so calm down, it is inevitable.
• Most Ethiopians respected you, but now that respect for you has started to erode from time to time! The war with Eritrea 20 years ago was due to the hidden agenda, lies, deception and conflict of interest! Ethiopians are angry because of the TPLF’s evil acts.
• Eritrean forces didn’t shoot rockets at our civilian airports like Bahirdar and Gondor. TPLF brought an apartheid system and ethnic division in Ethiopia that paralyzed the nation. We hope the two nation will work together militarily.
• I do not believe it was as black and white as you describe it. Many of us were against the 1998 war with Eritrea where over 100 thousand of our southern brothers were used as fodder in the frontlines.
• I don’t hate anybody. Not at all. TPLF asked for war & their prayers are answered. Attack on national defense force is attack on Ethiopia.
• I wonder what your definition of defeat is? Anyway, Eritrea and Ethiopia won’t fall for this kind of cheap and bankrupt ploy anymore! It’s gone with the wind/tplf!
• No, we don’t. It’s common having neighbors countries troops/force or other sovereignty countries working together as long as they’re in agreement.

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