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Senator Jim Inhofen arrives in Addis Ababa

Senator Jim Inhofen and PM Abiy Ahmed

US Senator Jim Inhofen arrives in Addis Ababa today.

On his Facebook page, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said to US Senator Jim Inhofe. “Welcome to your second home, Ethiopia, “

The senator addressed the US House of Representatives in protest of the US government’s pressure on Ethiopia and travel restrictions.

In his speech, the senator said it was inappropriate to try to treat the TPLF and the Ethiopian government equally.

Republican Sen. Jim Inhofen has said that it is unacceptable for the US House of Representatives to try to place the Ethiopian government on the same footing as the TPLF.

“The Ethiopian government is working to find a peaceful solution,” he said. I have done nothing but support to bring peace and unity. ”

The senator said he has visited Ethiopia 19 times. During his meeting with Prime Minister Abiy, he told the House that the government is working to bring unity and peace to the country.

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