Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The realization of Melba Printing and Packaging is a new chapter for our country’s printing industry

The 1.4 billion birr Melba Printing and Packing Plc, which was built in Gelan town was inaugurated today by President Shimeles Abdissa.

The printing and packaging company is equipped with the most advanced 4th generation printing presses from Germany, with a capacity of 138,000 books per day and more than 50 million books a year.

The realization of Melba Printing and Packaging is of great importance to our country. It saves millions of dollars in foreign exchange that our country used to spend on publishing textbooks abroad.

In addition, other East African countries publish books by this organization, which will generate more foreign exchange revenue for our country. In addition, it is expected that the authors of our country will contribute to the delivery of their ideas to their people by providing high quality, affordable and short term printing services.

ย Melba Printing and Packing Plc. was set up by the Public and Private Investors and preparations are underway to set up a new pulp and paper factory in western Oromia.

Addisu Arega Kitessa

By Chala Dandessa

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