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Ministry Urges Int’l Community To Condemn TPLF For Using Child Soldiers

Children’s Engaged in War in Tigray By TPLF

Ministry of Women, Youth and Children has called on the international community to condemn the criminal act of the terrorist TPLF for recruiting child soldiers and deploying them feeding drugs.

The ministry also stressed that international organizations have to cooperate in prosecuting the terrorist group for violating international conventions through deploying children in war.During its 27-year rule, TPLF has been committing  crimes against humanity, it added.

According to ENA, Recent reports and footages have clearly demonstrated that TPLF is committing a number of crimes in violation of international law.

Despite the declaration of the unilateral ceasefire to enhance humanitarian aid and create conducive environment for farming in Tigray by the Government of Ethiopia, the terrorist group has continued rejecting the peace call and engaging in provocative acts.

Women, Youth and Children State Minister, Alemitu Umod told ENA that in addition to its   ruthless crime against the National Defense Force, TPLF  is now recruiting children to take part in a war.

As deploying children to war goes against regional and international laws signed by Ethiopia, it is an act that should be condemned, she stressed.

In spite of the fact that recruiting and using children as soldiers is prohibited under  international law, Alemitu noted that the international community is silently watching the terrorist group violating international laws and conventions.

“It is absolutely inappropriate for the international concerned bodies to choose silence when international laws and conventions are being violated by TPLF. This should be condemned internationally,” she stressed.

There are many international organizations working on children affairs in Ethiopia, but all have preferred to give blind eye to the atrocities committed by TPLF, the state minister added.

When the government launched the law enforcement operation against the terrorist group, international organizations pretended to be child sympathizers, she recalled.

On the contrary, Alemitu stated that, the organizations have now chosen to remain silent, knowing that the terrorist group has been committing serious crime by recruiting children as soldiers and giving them drugs.

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