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Allegations of military help for the TPLF as “baseless” – South Sudan

The South Sudan government denied on Friday that it is giving guns and ammunition to Ethiopia’s Tigray People’s Freedom Front (TPLF), while recognizing Ethiopian people’s support during South Sudan’s liberation battle.

South Sudan’s Minister of Information, Communication, and Postal Services, Michael Makuei Lueth, told journalists during a weekly cabinet meeting in Juba on Friday that the continued misinformation on social media concerning the purported shipment of ammunition to Ethiopian rebels was unfounded.

“These concerns were examined, and the government determined that the government of South Sudan is not engaged in any way in any of these charges because there is no manner for us to even operate against the government of Ethiopia,” Makuei told media.

“All these years, Ethiopians and the Ethiopian government have stood with us, and we would not have been independent without the backing of Ethiopians and the government.” “There is no way we can claim we are aiding Ethiopian rebels in their attempt to topple the Ethiopian government,” Makuei stated.

According to Makuei, the South Sudan government is having difficulty graduating soldiers at training sites because to a scarcity of weaponry.

“We don’t obtain these resources if we can’t even graduate our military right now due to a lack of guns.” Should we equip the insurgents and withdraw our forces?

All of these are claims, and the government rejects them as unjustified and unfounded. “There is no way we can fight or promote any group of individuals against the Ethiopian government,” he stated.

“We must make it very plain to the Ethiopian government that we are with them, that we are with the Ethiopian government and people, and that we would never work against them.”

However, if any persons are selling weaponry, it is possible that they are in possession of their own private firearms, and if they are doing so, it is at their own risk,” he said.

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