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Terrorist TPLF Commits Barbaric Atrocities, gang rape in Woldiya

The terrorist TPLF has committed barbaric atrocities in the Ethiopian Woldiya town, North Wollo Zone of Amhara Regional State, that has been liberated yesterday by the united forces of Ethiopia.

Whereas, the international human rights groups and the western media have given deaf ears to the atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF in Amhara and Afar regions, which are liberated from the terrorist occupation, it was learned.

For instance, Residents of Woldiya told their stories to ENA that in the recently liberated town, the terrorist militants’ gang raped women and killed.

Speaking to ENA the inhabitants of Woldiya revealed the atrocities of TPLF against the population, adding the terrorist group “had even looted the money of the beggars.”

According to these residents, the barbaric crimes and atrocities committed by the group against them have left deep scars on them.

Militants of the invader, the terrorist TPLF, have forcibly raped women in the city,  massacred civilians and destroyed properties, the residents pointed out.

It is to be recalled that the terrorist TPLF has been escalating its violence by attacking Amhara and Afar regional states, resulted in tremendous atrocities and humanitarian catastrophes in many areas including Woldiya town in the northern Wollo Zone of Amhara region.

Over the week, the united security forces of Ethiopia have completely liberated the North Wollo zone, including Woldia, from the terrorist TPLF invasion, it was indicated.

The inhabitants of Woldiya recalled that they have been subjected to countless abuses and horrific atrocities by the terrorist TPLF from the  day the group entered the town.

The terrorist invading forces “killed many young people in public, raped women in groups, looted property every day,” the residents underscored.

For instance, they cited the case of a woman in the town who was raped by four persons and then shot dead by them.

One of a young resident expressed her joy after the town has been liberated despite the deep scars and psychological traumas on the victims, perpetrated by the terrorist TPLF.

“We are now born again because we have declared our freedom from months of agony. Many of our sisters were raped, and our brothers did not return to their home. In general, we suffered a lot, we were forced to bow our heads.”

Another resident of the town, a man said “they raped a woman in a group of four and shot her with seven bullets that could never happen anywhere.”

He added “the militants of TPLF” said a young man ordered a man ‘to kneel down’ where I am standing here and he was shot dead.” Three other people were killed  the day before Woldia was liberated, he indicated.

“They rape women and they killed our brothers for no reason.  For example, my own brother was killed while he was fetching water. I have seen so many innocent people being killed every day,” a lady resident of the town said.

Also, another old man residing in the town said that “they had been killing us every day since they arrived in the town.  They come into every bar and every house and force us to bring money.”

According to residents approached by  ENA, the terrorist TPLF forces have looted and left the residents without property.

The residents also indicated that health facilities, schools and financial institutions, including Woldiya Hospital and University, have been completely looted.

Finally, the inhabitants reaffirmed their commitment and readiness to do whatever is required of them by joining the security forces.


By Chala Dandessa

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