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“Political parties must be open-minded for the success of national dialogue,” Lencho Leta

Lencho Leta
Lencho Leta/EBC

Veteran politician Lencho Leta said all political forces need to be open-minded in order for the national dialogue to achieve lasting peace and success.

He also said that politicians should learn patience and unity from their people. Lencho told the Ethiopian Press: Ethiopia is a country that embraces natural and man-made differences such as language, culture and belief.

He said all political forces involved in the country’s peace process should work together to achieve lasting peace and prosperity. Diversity should be a source of beauty and not a source of conflict. He said political parties should believe in fairness and generosity in order to bridge the gaps between political elites and reach a consensus.

He said the three forces in Ethiopia are costing the country because they do not share a common view on various national issues. He explained that the first force is a political ideology that seeks to restore that system as if it had existed as a nation in the past, while the second force promotes the idea that a true national federation is needed for Ethiopia.

He pointed out that the third force has different perspectives on the history of Ethiopia and its purpose. He said the national consultation would be of great benefit to reach a consensus on all three differences.

He said political forces, denominations, women, youth and all stakeholders in Ethiopia should take part in the national consultation and reach a consensus on fundamental national issues and differences that have been simmering for centuries.

Lencho said the Ethiopian people have a consensus on basic national issues and will have the opportunity to make joint decisions on related issues. He said lasting peace can only be achieved through genuine unity and solidarity between peoples based on common interests. He also said that an agreement based on truth and justice on national fundamental issues will further strengthen national unity.

He said “the political forces, in particular, need to be more open-minded in order for people to come to terms with their differences. They also need to learn patience and unity from the Ethiopian people.””

By Chala Dandessa

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