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Ermias Amelega to bring Alibaba in six months

Alibaba the breakthrough e-commerce company will enter Ethiopia’s digital economy within the next six months. The e-commerce venture that is about to be launched is the result of a partnership between Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and Ethiopian business tycoon Ermias Amerga, who has extensive experience in banking, technology and real estate. .. Has appeared.

“It takes six months to set up and start implementing a company. There are some challenges, such as difficulty in accessing foreign currencies,” said Ermias, “we are partnering with Alibaba. Established an e-commerce company in Ethiopia. The name of the new company includes Alibaba and another local name to represent us. “

A new e-commerce platform where all products are digitally present in Ethiopia stores. Aims to put Ethiopia in a new digital economic lane. It features an end-to-end online ordering, electronic payment and delivery system. Similarly, the reporter learned that the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) has completed a new platform to serve an estimated 300,000 Chinese community in Ethiopia.

An agreement was reached when Alibaba founder Jack Ma visited Ethiopia. After the
COVID19 pandemic, the need for digital transactions has increased, coupled with central bank actions to phase out the use of cash. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government decision to liberalize the telecommunications sector has also given momentum to this trend. Currently, there are about 30 e-commerce companies in Ethiopia.
“The current situation in Ethiopia enables e-commerce. Fully digitized e-commerce will gradually be possible,” says Ermias.

A draft regulation on electronic transactions prepared by the Ministry of Innovation Technology (MInT) was also reviewed by the Ministry of Justice and submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office. Congress passed an electronic transaction declaration last year.
“Once approved, eTransaction regulations will enable end-to-end e-commerce services,” said Mandefro Eshete (PhD), MINT’s legal adviser.

The Treasury has already installed the technology that enables electronic receipts, among other electronic services.

Source: Addis Insight

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