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The South Sudanese government expresses sorrow over the Murle militants’ incursion into the Gambella region.

South Sudan’s government has said that it is “saddened” by the assault on innocent people” carried out by Murle rebels infiltrating the Gambella area.

South Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, James Morgan, said in a publication obtained by NCMP that the South Sudanese government is pained by the Murle militants’ assault, which resulted in the murder and injury of innocent people.

Murle militants who infiltrated the Gambella area from South Sudan murdered eight persons in an assault.

“Although this was not the first strike, the harm was done to everyone,” added Ambassador James.

He noted that historical and cultural disputes between the Murle and Gambella peoples of South Sudan were prevalent. He said that the present disaster was comparable and that he lacked “political will.”

The ambassador went on to say that it is unusual for extremists to attack a car. But he made it plain that if militants suspect a car has a weapon, there is no reason not to strike it. That is most likely why they attacked the car in the latest incidents.

Ambassador James Morgan stated that the two nations would continue to work together to settle the problem as normal.

“There’s no reason for South Sudan to abandon Ethiopia.” – James Morgan, Ambassador

The Murle, who dwell along Ethiopia’s and South Sudan’s borders, have a practice of kidnapping and adopting children as their own, as well as herding cattle and indulging in other vocations.

Eight Akot, a deputy chairman of the Gambella Regional Peace Bureau, said that eight persons were murdered in an assault by Murle militants who invaded Gambella from South Sudan a few days earlier, according to a report reviewed by NCMP.

The incident killed eight individuals and wounded five others, according to Deputy Chief of Staff Otto Akot.

Years Ago: Murle Tribe Hundreds of youngsters were kidnapped and more than 170 were slain in the Nuer and Anuwa zones.

He said that the militants had stolen around 2,000 animals at the time. The Defense Forces invaded South Sudan and returned over 100 kidnapped children to their families.


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