Tue. Dec 5th, 2023


“Adwa -the guiding star for all enslaved peoples of Africa in their struggle for liberation” ፡-Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia

“The Battle of Adwa was, without exaggeration, the guiding star for all enslaved peoples of Africa in their struggle for liberation from the yoke of colonialism,” says Evgeny Terekhin, Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia

Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin has delivered massage to the government and people of Ethiopia on the 126th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa being marked today.

He said the victory of Adwa has become a symbol of the independence and courage of the Ethiopian people to defend their freedom in the face of European colonizers.

“It served as a powerful impetus for the strengthening of Ethiopian statehood and its independent domestic and foreign policy,” he added.

According to the ambassador the victory of Adwa was a milestone in the process of establishing Russian-Ethiopian relations and whereby Russian medics had helped to save thousands of Ethiopian war heroes wounded in the battle.

Besides, the American Embassy in Addis Ababa expressed wishes all Ethiopians a Happy Adwa Victory Day.


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