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Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, calls on Ethiopian Diaspora to protest HR6600 

As the congressman who proposed the HR 6600 is working relentlessly to get it approved in the United States Congress, the Minister for  Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen, on Tuesday called on the Ethiopian Diaspora to protest it. 

He did so during a virtual meeting with Ethiopian Diaspora Community leaders and community representatives based in the United States, according to the news update from MFAE. 

“HR6600 and S3199 are drafted to nullify the struggles and regress achievements of Ethiopians all over the world in protecting the sovereignty of their country,” said Mr. Demeke, as cited by MFAE. 

He added that “The resolutions are designed to make the country dependent on the goodwill of others to advance its political, economic and security interests, besides severing the relationships between the Ethiopian Diaspora with the homeland.” 

The United States’s special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Ambassador David Satterfield, is in the country but the Ministry did not say if he met with Mr. Demeke or the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. 

Outgoing Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Fitsum Arega, talked about the importance of all forms of communication to reach out to senators and members of the congress to ensure that they understand that the bill, if passed, will sever relations between the two countries. 

Mr. Demeke remarked the United States and Ethiopia should rather “strive to further cement their historical and longstanding ties, but Ethiopia would not accept hand twisting attempts stressing that the protection of the country’s sovereignty is non negotiable.” 

The United States had been pursuing sanction regimes against Ethiopia via the security council – an attempt that was vetoed by Russia and China. 

Undue pressure from the United States that is believed to be motivated by making the Tigray People’s Liberation Front politically relevant has been fiercely resisted by Ethiopians around the world. 

Apart from tacitly aiding the TPLF, the United States has been attempting to put pressure on Ethiopia to sign GERD agreement with the intention to advance Egyptian interest. 

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By Chala Dandessa

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