Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

FDRE Parliament Member Christian Taddele call Amhara people to coup the Federal Government.

On his facebook page Christian Tadele called on Amhara people to struggle for couping the Federal Government by force. Eventhough this parliament wrote and spoke using community mobilizing words against the government and other Ethiopian ethnic no body warns for his always activities.

“አማራ ሆይ፥ ትግልህን አራት ኪሎ ላይ ብቻ አነጣጥረህ ታገል። ያን ጊዜ ሰላም ታገኛለህ። ያን ጊዜ እጅግ አነሰ ቢባል ሳትጠይቅ ምላሽ ታገኛለህ። ከፍ ሲል ጠያቂ አትሆንም። መልካም ሰኞ!”

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By Chala Dandessa

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