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Legal action will be taken against anyone who acts to obstruct the efforts to stabilize the cement market -Oromia National Regional State

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Asxaa Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa

Statement from the Oromia National Regional State!

The Oromia Regional State Government has reached on an agreement with the cement factory owners in the region to distribute cement through organized government associations in order to correct the illegal activities in the cement market and stabilize the market.

According to the agreement, 304 legally recognized IMX associations have been organized in all cities and districts of Oromia and distribution of cement at reasonable prices has been completed through these associations.

Therefore, the traders who have been engaged in cement distribution in the past are strongly advised to sell the cement in the warehouse at the price fixed by the Oromia Bureau of Commerce and passed to all districts and cities. The committee established at various levels to implement this matter has been directed to take legal action to ensure strict control.

The owners of cement factories in our region are required to produce with full capacity on the basis of the reached agreement to ensure the common benefit of the community and the factories. This is because it is necessary to break the inflation imposed on the people due to the brokers and ensure the common benefit of the masses and the factories.

Therefore, any cement found illegally stored or sold outside the calculated price will be inherited by the government and distributed to the community at a reasonable price. Legal action will be taken against anyone who tries to hinder the government’s efforts to stabilize the cement market.

Government of OromiaNational Regional State
May 30, 2014 EC
Finfinnee, Ethiopia

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