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HACHALU HUNDESSA AWARD (Hachalu Hundessa Foundation HHF)

Hachalu Hundessa Foundation (HHF) is a charity organization established with the purpose of promoting artistic works of prominent and young artists through financial and technical supports and annual awards, Hachalu Hundessa Award (HHA) and conducting Hachalu Hundessa Idol (HHI) programs. The foundation also helps needy people (children, women, challenged national heroes/heroines, challenged prominent artists, the families of the fallen hero/heroine artists and so on) and participate in community and social development projects/programs.


The main aim of this foundation is of two folds: first, by continuing his good deeds to make his legacy alive, second to work on making Hachaluโ€™s wish generation, a generation that stands up for those more vulnerable than themselves, a generation that is open-minded toward others, and a generation that are defenders of equality and justice. In order to achieve the main objective, the foundation will be engaged on the following specific objectives:

    • To engage in programs that promote artistic works of prominent and young artists through the annual awards program, Hachalu Hundessa Award (HHA) that will recognize achievements in selected art industry such as music, film/drama, painting, poetry, and so on.
    • To engage in young artistsโ€™ talent development program through idol show program, Hachalu Hundessa Idol (HHI) that will give a platform for youth to discover their inner talents and contribute to the growth of entertainment industry and resilient society empowered by artistic creativities.


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