Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Ethiopia: Government says TPLF prevent humanitarian aid planes from landing at Mekele airport

The TPLF group has prevented humanitarian planes flying to Tigray region from landing at Mekele airport. The Government Communication Service said in a statement today that the government has been working to deliver humanitarian assistance to citizens in difficult situations in Tigray region.

He said humanitarian assistance has been provided by land and air transportation in coordination with various international aid agencies. The government’s communication service said the TPLF is trying to blacken the government’s efforts and prevent humanitarian aid from entering the region. TPLF has demonstrated that it does not care about the Tigrayan people except their will by blocking roads and committing various acts against humanitarian aid.

Currently, planes that are flying to the region daily to deliver medical supplies and nutritious food to children are being prevented from landing in Mekele. The government has called on the international community to condemn the act and clarify the reasons for the ban. He added that the government will continue its efforts to provide necessary humanitarian assistance to the citizens in difficult situation in Tigray region.

Until publication this news there no response from the side of TPLF.

Source: FBC

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