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The 2015 federal budget approved 786.6 billion birr

Ethiopian Parliament

The House of Peoples’ Representatives has approved the 2015 Federal Budget, which is 786.6 billion birr. The council held its regular meeting today in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Prime Minister Abebe said the federal government the 2015 budget will focuse on debt reduction, budget deficit reduction, saving of resources and stabilizing inflation. Also it focused on rehabilitation, humanitarian assistance and strengthening national security and peace.

The 2015 budget year is focused on achieving the goals set in the 10-year development plan, safeguarding the country’s security, assisting displaced people and rehabilitating damaged infrastructure and services, and achieving sustainable socio-economic transformation directions and objectives. Prime Minister Abiy stated that the budget will focus on continuing the impressive work started in agriculture and completing projects on time.

The total budget for the 2015 fiscal year is 345 billion Birr, capital is 218 billion Birr, 209.38 billion Birr is for regional governments and 14 billion Birr for Sustainable Development Goals. Compared to the 2014 budget year, it is projected to grow by 111.94 billion birr or 16.59 percent.

Source: FBC

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