Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Ethiopia launced the first Forensic DNA Laboratory.

The Ethiopian Federal Police has officially launched its forensic DNA laboratory.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ethiopian Federal Police Commissioner General Demelash G. Michael said the institute has made great efforts to improve its forensic investigation capacity at various times. He added that the forensic technology, which launched today, is a technology used by developed countries.

He said it has been possible to avoid DNA samples exported from the country to other country for investigation. He said the experts have been provided with training to do this work both at home and abroad. The Commissioner-General added that the DNA testing laboratory is very useful and will help to connect individuals and groups suspected of committing crimes by collecting samples at the crime scene and provide more solid and reliable evidence in the justice system.

He said that in the past, there have been other plane crashes in the country, adding that it will create an opportunity for us to carry out domestic inspections by eliminating the cost of DNA testing. Due to the lack of a DNA laboratory in our country, citizens have been subjected to severe costs. The now-defunct DNA laboratory will address gaps in the justice system; It will save the country from high costs and the society is expected to get the services it needs easily.

It is also known that the DNA laboratory will charge a reasonable fee in accordance with Regulation No. 512/2014 issued by the Council of Ministers. Honorable Deputy Commissioner General of the Criminal Investigation Department, Deputy Commissioner General Zelalem Mengiste and Honorable Deputy Commissioner of Administration and Development of the Ethiopian Federal Police, General Nabiyu Dagne, as well as Forensic Department officials and experts attended the ceremony.

Sources: FBC, Ethiopian Federal Police

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