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Govt: EU, US Envoys Failed to Press TPLF to Unequivocally Commit for Peace Talks

The federal government said the United States and European Union envoys failed to press TPLF officials to commit to peace talks without preconditions during their travel to Tigray.

The EU and US special envoys for the horn of Africa, Annette Webe and Mike Hammer, went to the region on a joint mission, which they said was aimed to encourage the launch of talks between the Federal Government and the TPLF.

The outcome of their travel and the manner they handled the objective of the mission, however, have left the federal government unimpressed.

“Debriefed with the diplomatic team and expressed government’s dismay regarding the course chosen by the team of envoys and ambassadors which traveled Mekelle in handling the matter,” said Redwan Hussien, national security advisor to the PM Office, on Thursday.

According to the advisor’s statement, the team “failed to press for unequivocal commitment for peace talks, rather indulging in appeasement and fulfilling preconditions placed by the other party”.

“Regarding restoration of services, the will of the government has been reaffirmed and preludes for that have been reiterated – creating enabling conditions and semblance of peace by beginning the talks,” Redwan stated.

Their joint statement, he said “rehashed the saga of ‘unfettered humanitarian access’ which has already been long addressed.”

“No limit on the number of flights; none either on the number of trucks carrying aid. The issue of fuel has also been addressed and hailed by all,” Redwan continued.

“The bottom line?, he said, “the AU is the only channel and has been reiterated in no uncertain terms once again.”

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