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Ambo University to celebrate 75th year of establishement anniversary


Ambo University Celebration of the 75th anniversary!!

Ambo University, established in 1947 G.C, is one of the oldest higher learning institutions in Ethiopia. Though it was originally a school, over the long years of its existence, the institution has experienced different levels of development.

After long years of hurdles, a generation old institution registered a magnificent history on 12 March, 2008 G.C. In recognition of its past achievements and future potentials, the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia promoted the College to the status of an autonomous University College. Energized by the promotion, the name โ€˜Ambo University Collegeโ€™ lasted only for a year. In 2009 G.C, an โ€˜old babyโ€™ was born: Ambo University. Currently, Ambo University runs 78 postgraduate (including 10 PhD) programs and 71 undergraduate programs.

AU is planning to celebrate its 75 years of Quality Service and this celebration will be commenced through a series of events!

Congratulations to all Ambo University Community and Alumni!!

Source: Ambo University Facebook Page

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