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Ethiopia: Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) belligerence is forcing the hands extended for peace to recoil – African Business


The Government of Ethiopia has defended Eastern Amhara from the TPLF’s attacks. The TPLF continues to use its tired human wave strategy, which places children, youth, and elderly Tigrayans as sacrificial Lambs.

Due to the coordinated response effort of our heroic defense forces, and the local communities, the invasion of Kobo by the TPLF from the Eastern side the Amhara Region has not gone according to plan. It has expanded its belligerence to other regions.

The TPLF clique, who cannot survive without wars, launched an invasion in the direction Wag, Wolqait (Amhara Region), and our border areas with Sudan (Amhara Region).

Our nation’s defense forces are ready and able to defend this invasion.

While the Government of Ethiopia has responded steadfastly and in different directions to attacks by TPLF, it has not closed its eyes to peace options.

We continue to call on the international community to exert pressure on the belligerents group in order to achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict. We appeal to the Tigray people, who are our peoples, to end the suffering caused by the tyranny and belligerence of TPLF.

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