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CHAN 2023-Rwanda: bitter elimination, Carlos Ferrer in the hot seat

The Rwandan football team, having not missed any CHAN since 2016, won’t be going to Algeria next year for CHAN2023. The Ethiopians were able to earn their qualification in front an extremely dangerous Rwandan team, despite the support from many supporters.

From Rwanda’s correspondent

Rwandan fans watching the match against Ethiopia.

Huye, a southern Rwandan city, had the honor of hosting this match between Rwandans and Ethiopia in a new stadium. It was used for the play-off return to CHAN 2023. The Ethiopians defeated the Rwandans (0-1) in this new stadium. The Rwandans viewed this enclosure as a golden opportunity to defeat Ethiopia. However, Ethiopia was held in check in the first half (0-0).

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The Amavubi was dominated by the Walya, who played possession-based football. The supporters were annoyed that the latter failed to line up three passes. The 22-year-old score was opened by the EthiopiansTh minute via Dawa Hutessa Dukele. The mastery remained Ethiopian after this goal until the end. The Ethiopians returned to the locker room and continued their game philosophy of denying the Rwandans the ball. Fans were already leaving the stadium after the game because they were frustrated with the loss of the ball to Rwandans. We eliminated Ethiopia twice with Vincent Mashami. He must return, our coach isn’t up to it “, indicated to Sports News AfricaSome supporters

The others were more fair and recognized that Ethiopia was deserving of their qualification: They showed us good football à la Barcelona, Amavubi fans confessed. We wish them all the best for the future. “.

” I am responsible for this non-qualification to CHAN 2023 “says Carlos Ferrer

Spaniard Carlos Ferrer, Rwanda’s coach, congratulated Ethiopians for qualifying during the post-match press conference. “They deprived us of the ball, which tired my players. In the hope of unlocking the game quickly, I had used two forwards today, unlike the first leg when I chose to play defensive. The opposite was true. This team consisted of two players who have been playing together for over two years. They met with their eyes closed. They deserved the win.”He asserted.

“I am responsible for this non-qualification for CHAN 2023. I cannot hide behind things that were not done properly in terms of preparations.pleaded Carlos Ferrer. If I have to accept this bad result, I will. I repeat it, I am responsible..

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Source: sportnewsafrica

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