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6.9 million people affected by the severe droughts in Somalia

Somalia is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years, it has been going on for two years and both people and animals have been hit by it. The drought has affected 6.9million people. 42% of the population (or 894 thousand) have been forced from their homes to find water. 1.5 million children are suffering from severe malnutrition.

The Federal Government of Somalia has provided information about the areas where farmers practice pastoralalism in Bay and Bakool, as well the Gedo region’s rural residents who have been affected by severe drought.

The Federal Government of Somalia has taken steps to alleviate the drought situation in areas like Hiraan.

Since November of last years, regions across Somalia have been suffering from droughts. Since then, businessmen, civil society, and any other donor have attempted to help these regions.

The Somali Government asked all Somalians for solidarity against severe droughts, and to support their brothers-and-sisters in any way they could.

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