Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Chinese smartphones dominate African market as demand for 5G devices grows


As more African countries test 5G networks and as their citizens upgrade from 4G smartphones, the demand for Chinese 5G smartphones continues to grow.

Despite the slow pace at which 5G network infrastructure is being developed in Africa, Africans are still eager to be part the next generation of the internet economy and Big Tech’s vision of the global digital economy. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the US-based tech research firm, 5G smartphone companies are competing on this market with Chinese brands. “Shipments of 5G devices increased 26.9% in Q2 2022 and their share of the overall market is growing as major brands launch more flagship 5G devices into the market,” says the IDC report.

This high adoption is being fueled by the launch of cheaper devices by multiple vendors. IDC believes that prices will continue to fall as competition increases. Global 5G smartphone sales reached 51% in March, surpassing those of 4G smartphones for the first time. “The top three smartphone markets in Africa by unit share in Q2/2022 were South Africa (16.6%), Nigeria (13.8%), and Kenya (7.7%),” says that report. And although China’s smartphone market dropped by 14.7% in the same quarter due to COVID-19 lockdowns, even with this decline, the demand for Chinese smartphones continues to rise, with smartphone manufacturer Transsion Holdings outpacing Samsung to become the new market leader in Q2 at 48%, compared to Samsung’s 25.8%.

Source: north africa post

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