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Togolese citizens can now go to Morocco visa-free

According to the foreign ministry of West Africa, Togolese citizens who wish to travel to Morocco do not need a visa because of the July reciprocity agreement.

Friday’s circular by the ministry stated that Togolese with ordinary passports can travel to the kingdom from September 09 without visa. It also said that the reciprocity agreement signed in July between the two countries is now in effect.

“Effective free entry and free movement between Togolese and Moroccans. Long live the cooperation between Togo and Morocco,” top diplomat Robert Dussey tweeted.

Dussey signed on July 21 with his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourrita a deal that waived visa requirements. Dussey also launched a consulate in Dakhla, in the Moroccan Sahara – a move that underlines Togo’s recognition for the North African country’s territorial integrity and national unity.

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