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U.S. Senate Confirms Puneet Talwar as New U.S. Ambassador to Morocco

Puneet Talwar

Thursday’s confirmation by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee of Puneet Talwar as the new American ambassador in Morocco to replace David Fischer was confirmed.

In his statement made before the Senate committee defending his nomination, Mr. Talwar described Morocco as a long-standing & valued partner and the first country to recognize American independence.
With its strategic location, “Morocco is a bridge between Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa – regions that are critical to American national security”, he added, affirming that Morocco is a leader on key regional and global issues.
“It is at the forefront of efforts to combat terrorism. It has taken bold steps on the climate crisis”, he stressed, saying the country is also dedicated to economic development in Africa and hosted the U.S.-Africa Business Summit.

He also highlighted Morocco’s leadership on peace with Israel, noting that the relationship between the two countries is blossoming. It now includes cooperation in investment, energy, aviation and other areas. Morocco was the first Arab country that signed a defense cooperation accord with Israel.
Puneet Talwar is an Indian American. He was a senior advisor at the State Department and held high-ranking positions in national security and foreign policies at the White House and the US Congress. Talwar is also an expert in security and military operations.
He is a DC-born veteran civil servant who has a close working relationship to US President Joe Biden. Since the nineties, he was a close advisor.

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