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Adigrat surrenders, Mekele encircled by Ethiopian troops

Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF)

As the third round in war instigated Tigray Peoples Liberation Front(TPLF), the counter attack by the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, (ENDF), liberated Adigrat, Tigray region, from the rebel group.

Adigrat City, Photo: TigrayTube

According to unofficial reports from the ground, the capital of Tigray Meskele is now being surrounded from all directions. The video footage shows Adigrat’s residents welcoming the soldiers from ENDF yesterday.

The third round has begun about two weeks ago. TPLF has taken Kobo town in Amhara Region within the first few hours making its supporters in the diaspora happy.

ENDF launched a counterattack from different directions, stopping the movement of TPLF following Kobo. ENDF has split the forces TPLF making it difficult to move logistics and fighters from one place to the other.

Adigrat town can be found at a distance between the capital of Tigray Meskele and Adigrat. Wukro is the next town found between the two towns on …kilometers distance.

Source: newbusinessethiopia

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